Are InDesign Tutorials Useful?

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Many might wonder whether InDesign tutorials are really useful. After all, it’s often assumed that the only people who would benefit from the tutorials already know how to use the program. Or else others assume that the tutorials are unnecessary because the program is easy enough to figure out on your own. Neither of those assumptions are at all correct, however, as there are many who could be making use of the program who don’t know how to use it yet, and InDesign CS5 is a program that, although it is possible to figure out, is much better used if it is first fully learned.

InDesign tutorials are just as useful as Photoshop, Illustrator, or Flash tutorials, or really tutorials for any other program. Not everyone will use them, but for those that do the tutorials are essential. They will have little to no application or use for a video editor, a ballerina, or a chartered accountant, but for a graphic designer the benefits of free InDesign tutorials are many. It’s not for everyone, but those that need it will appreciate it when the time comes.

An InDesign tutorial written by a good source who knows what they are talking about can mean the difference between hours of experimenting and jumping directly to the problem and solving it in a couple of seconds. A good tutorial can go straight to the heart of the problem and teach the person in need just what he or she wants to know without having to bother about anything else.

Tutorials are great for those who want answers fast. They don’t want to worry about all the various theory and programming, or have to learn about who designed the program. In many cases, they don’t even want to know about all those extra tools that they won’t be using. A tutorial will show them the way to just what they are looking for, and then help them to learn it and get it on the first try.

There’s no doubt about the fact that InDesign tutorials are extremely useful. The tutorials aren’t for everyone because not everyone needs them, but the beauty of a tutorial is that everyone could use them if they wanted to. It’s a way for anyone to learn anything they want to know about a great program like InDesign CS5 and be able to apply it in a practical way.

If you still doubt that InDesign tutorials are useful, then either try one for yourself or forget it. If you don’t need a tutorial, then it’s not useful for you. But for those that do need it, a tutorial could be the perfect solution and a way to save hours of time and stress.

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