Are InDesign Templates Useful?

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People that don’t know much about InDesign or InDesign tutorials often have questions about the usefulness of various aspects of the program. One question I often get asked is whether or not InDesign templates are all that useful. Some people assume it’s just as easy to work from scratch than with a template, and that making your own will look better and be simpler in the end.

The truth, however, is that those people are wrong. People who think that don’t understand the program or how it works. The truth is that InDesign templates are some of the most useful things when you are working in InDesign, and something no good graphic designer ever goes without. Templates aren’t a rule in graphic design, but they are an extremely useful aid.

The Benefits of Using a Template

Here are the facts: no matter how many InDesign tutorials you’ve gone through and how much you know about the program, you will still want to use a template in many cases. A template can save you a great deal of time and forethought, and can make your designs much more effective and organized.

Some of the main benefits of using InDesign templates include:

  • Speed. Once you’re using a template everything goes much more speedily, as you cut out that first step of outlining in your design process.
  • Style. While not all InDesign templates are extremely stylish, many are. And those that aren’t can be modified slightly and adjusted so that they become attractive and artistic.
  • Reliability. Templates offer you a certain level of reliability, because they are simply designs and layouts that have worked time and again. If you can’t figure something out, then a template offers you a great place to start, a foundation for your designs.
  • Affordability. You save time but you also save money. Just like there are many free InDesign tutorials out there, there are also many free templates. You just need to know where to look.

Why You Should Get and Use Templates

InDesign templates are out there, and you need to find them. Whether you’re an extremely skilled designer or a novice in the field, a template can help your designs greatly. You won’t use a template in every single piece of your work, but in many cases a template will work perfectly and help you to structure and organize your designs.

So, yes, InDesign templates are extremely useful and you should get some of them right away. Having a library of templates on hand at all times may not seem so necessary to you now, but just wait until that fateful moment when you really need the perfect one and it’s not there. Templates are almost as easy to find as InDesign tutorials, and are just as useful to you and your work.

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