About Us

Hi. My name’s Paul, and I write tutorials.

InDesign is a program that I love and use daily, and it’s also a program that I want to help others to learn and understand. Some people feel that learning a program like InDesign is a complicated and advanced process, but it really isn’t. I write tutorials that are straightforward, simple to follow, and illustrated with simple screenshots.

My tutorials are for everyone to use and learn from. If you’ve got years of experience working in InDesign, then there might be something in here for you. If you aren’t familiar with InDesign but you’ve got a good grasp of other programs in the Creative Suite, then my tutorials can help you to easily and quickly make the transition to learning this program (it’s got a lot of similarities to the others). And if you’re completely new to a program like InDesign, well, my tutorials should be perfect. You can learn from my guides, tips, and step by step lessons to become extremely familiar with the program.

I’ve been using the program for years, as I work as a freelance designer for both print and web. When I’m not doing design work, I do freelance writing work on the side. And whenever I can, I try to update this site with a new tutorial. I try to keep a steady flow of these articles coming so that eventually I’ll be able to cover every aspect of the program.

If you like my tutorials, feel free to share them with friends and recommend them to others. All of these tutorials are written by me, and all for no compensation. Despite my proclaimed love for InDesign, no, Adobe is not sponsoring me. I just find the program to be the best for my job and a great tool for anyone who works in the design world to use. It’s the most professional tool out there, and I hope that my tutorials will help others to get in the groove of using it.

As all the tutorials are completely free, if you want to support me, go ahead and check out my eBook. It’s about creating ePub files from your eBooks, and it’s a complete guide covering all you need to accomplish that. It should be helpful to anyone looking to get published and earn through online eBook sales.

Also, if you need freelance writing work done, click on the Hire Me! link at the top of the page. I’d be glad to discuss writing options with you.

Now go on and start learning about InDesign! My tutorials (more coming all the time) should be all you need to get started with the program, and then to keep going until you become a real expert.